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A brand toolkit & planning worksheet for your creative business.

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what is it, you ask?

If creating systems for your business sounds daunting, it doesn't have to be. Breeze through it with my sample Brand Toolkit and Personal Planning Worksheet, and you'll be back to doing whatever it is you do best and love most - STAT! Smart systems = successful results.

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You could keep doing a bunch of free trials, trying to manually do everything, and getting overwhelmed by the sheer amount of business tools out there, or you could cut the clutter & get clear.

who + what is kvh. creative?

So glad you asked! "kvh." is me, Kaitlyn, and those are my maiden name initials. kvh. creative is a copywriting, content, & brand strategy company for soulful brands and passionate entrepreneurs. It exists to help you convert prospects to clients with crystal clear messaging. So get ready to clearly articulate what you do, intentionally tell your brand’s story, and create a digital strategy that powerfully grows your business. You in?

I mean really, it's free. Whaddya got to lose?

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