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Remember when social media was just for fun? Fresh, exciting, and ooooh pretty filters! There was MySpace and LiveJournal and it was totally okay to have "bright & shiny syndrome"...(I mean what else is the point of Tumblr and StumbleUpon?)

Even blogging was a hobby that all the cool & mysterious people were doing. ...But then -ish got serious. Ohhh how times change.

As a business owner, it's crucial that you take advantage of social media and content marketing by posting with purpose, intention, and you guessed it - a strategy!

There are 500 million daily active users on Instagram. Facebook is closing on the 2 billion user mark. Pinterest is now upwards of 175 million active users. The stats go on...

And still, it's not enough to just shoot random darts off into the digital oblivion and hope one of them will get a return on your efforts. 

It's about creating a consistent, sustainable approach that leverages what I like to call a "marketing mix".

content strategy

a plan.
a strategy.

social media & 

Not surprisingly, social media platforms are now in it to make a buck, too. So their hyper-tailored, ever-changing algorithms prioritize the very best, most-engaged-with content.

Otherwise, they require that you pay to be "seen". Paid advertising has its place but we're going to focus on organic methodologies. 

Don't let that big word fool you. It means your ideal audience is going to start coming to you - a.k.a inbound marketing.

They're going to view you as a credible, trustworthy authority in your niche. They'll look forward to reading your posts on Instagram, and end up clicking over to your link, swooning over your website, and thinking, "Yes! THIS is the one I've been looking for."

All because you decided to have...

Enter: a content strategist. (Waves) Oh hey, hi - yours truly; reporting for duty!

Back-up...what’s content strategy? Here’s the kvh. definition:

Basically, it's your road-map to growing your traffic, and ultimately, yo' sales.

You design, teach, lead, speak, write, photograph, record, paint, and everything in between. 

Say no to burn out, yes to a bigger plan, and take a big deep breath. You're in good hands.

Let's do the darn thing, yeah? 

the goal, plan, creative development, and method of delivery for achieving a specific result of engagement in the digital. 

at your service

content strategy - 

01. Initial "Connect Call" (30 min)
02. Client Intake Form & Contract
03. "Your Tribe: Prospect Profile" (worksheet/homework)
04. Client Portal Page (houses our invoices, forms, contract, etc.)
05. "Consult & Strategy Call" (1-hour)
06. Market Research & Brand Familiarization
07. Google Doc File (for collaborative copy revisions) &/or Trello Project Board (if applicable)
08. Ongoing Email Communication
09. Final Files & All Deliverables

I take your content ideas and rough sketches and create publish-able - (is that a word? it is now!) and SEO-friendly blog posts. Up to 2,000 words. 

Drafted in a Google Doc & added to your content management system (Wordpress, Squarespace, etc.), if desired.

2 round of revisions

+ all the above

Written & loaded in program of choice, like Planoly 

Up to 20 captions/month, with targeted hashtags

Ongoing feedback to tweak & repeat what's working!

+ all the above

Creation of a personalized kvh. Social Media Strategy Manual

Creation of a personalized kvh. Editorial Calendar 

30-Days of Social Media Content Curation & Management (only avail to 1 client/month)

Ongoing collaboration
+ all the above

(kvh. style)

kill it with your content

my process

what's included

the packages



$675 for 1st month*

starting at $65/hour

s1. blog &

s2. social media
captions & ADS

S3. strategy overhaul

*reduced rate offered for an author credit or by-line (-$50)

*rate may be subject to increase for more research-intensive pieces

Hello to the posting, goodbye to the crazy.

Social clarity. Anddd all they all said AMEN.

Words can’t begin to express how fun, easy and inspiring it was to work with you. As I told you, I felt like the seed that you have put in the flower pot with all the writing gradients for it to grow! Thank you so much.

- kena treadway

"it was fun, easy & inspiring to work with you."

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We brought you on in the final countdown of this little [website] going live and we are SO grateful! We’re grateful for the ways that you jumped right in and breathed new life into our words!! You truly have a gift and we both wish we had found you sooner.

-the herrintons

"you truly
have a

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Kaitlyn did some custom design work for us [Little Words Project] and was exceptional with her timing! She quoted a timeline and even sent me the finished product well before her projected date! Kaitlyn was awesome to work with. She was extremely friendly and communicative. She absolutely knocked it out of the park...

-adrianna botti

"kaitlyn was
awesome to
work with."

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Being a creative myself, I am often too close to my own work. I knew KVH. would be the right choice for me when I was ready for a brand re-fresh & website re-design. As a blogger, showcasing my own personal brand and values is extremely important when looking at branding decisions. KVH. captured my brand essence beautifully. I feel that my new color palette, branding, and website represent the current space of my business.

-jess horton

"The final
product blew my expectations away."

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I passionately believe in viewing business as an expression of ministry. It is my desire and responsibility as a business owner to steward what I've been given and bless others in return. 

As of October 2017, kvh. creative is proud to be supporting a range of like-hearted organizations, by donating a portion of all monthly profits to their charitable causes.

Together, we can rise to the challenge of making the world a better place.
Thank you!

For additional information or to inquire about future donations or partnerships, please contact me.

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